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XXX Dogging UK

Single female shares nude pics looking her first time dogging experience

XXX dogging is massive in the UK and has been for the past 15 years. I remember when I first saw a dogging seen on the internet and I thought straight away that I just have to take my wife to one of these and honestly we never looked back. We had been swinging for 5 years before that and loved it, still do but dogging is something else. Been in such a public place with men and women you don’t know and having sex while been watched by them is such a massive turn on.

We don’t always go to have sex, though most of the time we doing end up having a romp. Sometimes we go to watch other couples enjoy each other and enjoy strangers. These days you get a lot of horny wives and kinky milfs who enjoy sex with strangers and have cuckold husbands who really don’t mind and in fact enjoy seeing their wives with other men and sometimes women. The furthest my own wife has gone with strangers is groping and oral sex. If she feels in the mood and likes the look of the guy she will wind the window down and gesture for him to come closer and she will let him lean in to the window and each down  to feel her. Normally by now she is highly excited and very wet. On a few occasions she will unzip his fly and put him in her mouth which I find incredibly hot, I only wish my wife would go further and have full sex but she hasn’t the confidence yet but the more she see’s others wives enjoying themselves I can see the more she wants to do it.

XXX Dogging has a real good feel about it, theres locations all around the country with real dogging contacts arranging sex meets. There’s also a lot of single women, milfs and even granny sluts coming alone and enjoying the casual sex and also the exhibitionism side of it. Women showing off, flashing etc is all part of the fun.

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