Random casual sex

Many people do not understand the 6 unspoken rules about casual sex, which is mostly why they are not really getting any. If you want to enjoy some casual banging with the gorgeous ladies or handsome men, then here is what you need to know.

First of all, be prepared to leave your emotions elsewhere, because nothing makes your partner disappear faster than you talking about commitment. Casual sex with a random stranger is all about the naughty business, so if you were looking for something a bit more different, then this is definitely not for you.

It is always good to be yourself, is what everyone says, however, it is also good to be different. Even if you will probably not have sex with the same stranger twice, unless you both want to, you still have to be honest. There is no reason for you to lie, or makeup stories to impress your partner, just be who you are, but a bit more interesting.

The most important rule for men is: be a gentleman and an animal; while for women that can be rephrased as: be a lady at dinner and a slut in bed. Casual sex encounters require a delicate balance between generosity, safety, and respect, together with unabashed and unadulterated corporeality; simply put, be a werewolf with a fancy top hat.

Another important thing to remember is that casual sex is actually all about sex. This means that if you are not having lots and lots of sex, you are doing this wrong. Of course, there will be short brakes you both will need, but those breaks should either be used for eating, watching TV or foreplay.

If you are interested in keeping that one sex friend for a longer period, that is also okay, but then remember to not be selfish. Nothing turns people off more than having a partner who is all about taking, and gives us nothing in return. Ladies, remember what men love, because we all know you are the best at pleasing us, and men, return the favor properly.

For some reason, many people think that having casual sex means no talking, but you need to converse, otherwise, how will you learn what the other person loves. Talking during sex is fine, but do not overdo it. Make sure to ask your partner what he/she likes, and everything will run smoothly!

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